Pre-order and payment methods

What is a Pre-order?

Pre-order is an item that is not immediately available but will be released in the future. The manufacturer announces the arrival of a specific item well in advance, thus opening the pre-order . This gives the manufacturer the opportunity to monitor the actual demand for the item by interested customers in order to produce the right quantity.

What does it mean to purchase an item in Pre-order?

Buying in Pre-order means booking and purchasing a certain item at a certain price, the purchase of this item can be done in different ways, depending on the methods and types of payment that the shop/platform that carries out the sale offers.

Purchasing an item in Pre-order gives you the certainty that it will be available at the time of release, furthermore with the Pre-order you lock the price, in this way if the price of the item increases, your price will remain the same without suffering any increase.

Pre-order release or exit times

Each Pre-order has a certain release or approximate release date, this is defined by the manufacturer but is not always certain as there may be delays or movements, always communicated promptly by the manufacturer, which may depend on the manufacturer or external causes , in this case is not responsible for any changes in the release date of these products as it has no power to speed up these times.

The images relating to the Pre-order products on our site are the same ones released by the manufacturer at the time of presentation of the product and are to be considered purely representative, any changes to the products such as color, position, materials, and more in general the conformity of what is shown in the product presentation images does not depend in any way on which is not responsible for any changes made by the manufacturer during the creation of the product as it has no power to prevent these rare eventuality.

Payment methods and managers for pre-order items and various info

The purchase of an item sold in pre-order can be carried out in different ways and with different types of payment.

Payment methods:

  • Full balance or direct purchase, the buyer decides to purchase the item in Pre-order paying the full amount immediately.
  • Deposit and Balance or Deposit, the buyer decides to purchase the item by depositing/paying a deposit (the amount of the deposit varies depending on the policy of the shop/platform) and then making the remaining balance or payment when the The item (subject to confirmation by the store/platform) is ready to be shipped or delivered. This payment method has no time limits or deadlines other than that defined by the release date of the item (which can be several months) which defines the date or period in which the balance must be paid by the buyer .
  • Payment in installments, similar to the Down Payment and Balance payment, the buyer has the possibility of deferring the payment of an item in a certain number of installments (the number of installments is defined by the shop/platform) which are normally on a monthly basis. The last installment can also be defined as "Balance" as it determines the end of the payment by the buyer and therefore the communication from the shop/platform for the shipping and sending of the item.

Payment managers available on :

The payment providers that you can use on to purchase the items on sale are various, including bank transfer, credit card, debit card, postepay, satispay, paypal, applepay, googlepay, shoppay, offers the possibility of taking advantage of payment in installments and/or deposit and balance.

Payment in installments can be made via:

  • PayPal, you can do this through your PayPal account once you proceed to checkout the product(s). The number of installments defined by PayPal is 3 installments.
  • MastroManga installments, this type of payment allows you to spread payments into 4 monthly installments without interest. The payment method can be chosen from those available at checkout. (For more info and/or to defer payment in more than 4 installments I invite you to contact us on our email address:

If the product arrives earlier than the end of the installment plan, it will be shipped once the installment plan is completed. It is not possible for us to anticipate the agreed deadlines in any way. It is absolutely not possible to use cash on delivery for pre-order items.

Customer information

By purchasing an item in Pre-order, the customer has 7 calendar days from the actual receipt of payment to to cancel the order and request a refund.

Beyond 7 calendar days, as a penalty, reserves the right to withhold the deposit for this purchase (if the Pre-order was executed as Deposit and Balance), a part of the amount paid (if the Pre-order was executed as Full balance or direct purchase), the first installment/deposit (if the Pre-order was executed as MastroManga Installment).

The penalty is equivalent to 25% of the total sales price of the item/s.

If you purchase multiple pre-order items within the same order regardless of the payment method, the order will be shipped once all the products are available. Under no circumstances will it be possible for us to split the order and ship the products separately.

​Delays caused by the manufacturer and any changes made to the product during the manufacturing phase never justify canceling the order, in this case the conditions listed previously apply.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to Pre-orders as they are items awaiting release, for other requests such as cancellation of the order the conditions listed previously apply.

For all products ordered specifically and at the customer's request and not present on the website, which would not have been purchased without the customer's direct request, no right of withdrawal or cancellation with refund of the deposit or partial on the total balance.

In rare cases it may happen that the manufacturer is unable to confirm all the ordered quantities of a product, and decides to cancel the orders received. In this case we will be forced to cancel the Pre-order and we will refund the customer the entire amount paid, be it a deposit or total balance.