Frequent questions:

  • When will my order arrive?
    Your order will be processed depending on availability and the type of items in our warehouse in Italy or Japan.
    When the items are available in the warehouse in Italy the order is processed the following day, however if they are present in the warehouse in Japan the timing will be approximately 3/4 weeks depending on logistics and the courier.

    Please check the product page for availability:
    - Stock: Jap - Item available in the warehouse in Japan waiting to be shipped to Italy
    - Stock: Ita - Item available in the warehouse in Italy ready to be shipped
    • How do shipments work?
    On mastromanga.com shipments are always free, these shipments are tracked and insured up to a value of the goods of €75.
    If the order exceeds €75 mastromanga.com offers 2 possibilities:
    1. free, tracked and insured shipping up to €75;
    2. Tracked and insured shipping on the total value of the goods (the cost will depend on the value of the items contained therein)
    mastromanga.com recommends ALWAYS insuring shipments that exceed €75 to avoid problems that depend on the courier.
    Once the shipment has been entrusted to the courier, mastromanga.com is absolutely not held responsible for any damage or loss.
    Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the Customer is required to check the number of packages and the integrity of the packaging and, subsequently, of the products.
    In the event of visible damage or tampering with the package, this must be accepted "With Reserve" and must be entered by the courier as a note upon delivery, in this way it will be possible to request a refund based on the damage received from the courier.
    In case of choosing an uninsured shipping service for the entire value of the items, mastromanga.com will in no case be held responsible for any loss or malfunction of the chosen courier, the choice of a courier being the responsibility and will of the buyer. cheap, uninsured shipping rather than using a proper service.
    • What to do in case of damage or loss of the package?
    In the event of damage or loss of the package, contact us at the email address: mastromangashop@gmail.com
    We will try to contact the courier to facilitate resolution of the problem.
    • How does pre-order work?
      Pre-order items are items that are announced by various manufacturers with future release. Typically when purchasing an item in pre-order the price is lower (offer) with a time and piece limit.
      Sometimes it may happen that the release date is postponed by the supplier. This is absolutely not attributable to mastromanga.com
      These items will be processed once they are available in stock.
      • Can I cancel a pre-order?

      Yes, you can cancel a pre-order placed on mastromanga.com. In this case mastromanga.com will retain as a penalty 25% of the total value of the pre-ordered item.

      • Are the items available on mastromanga.com original?

      All items available on mastromanga.com are 100% original.

      • What are MastroManga installments?
      MastroManga installments are an alternative to "pay in 3 installments with PayPal" offered by mastromanga.com
      With this payment method, the customer can dilute the payment into 4 monthly installments due to mastromanga.com
      The item will be processed as soon as the total has been paid and, in the case of pre-order items, they are available in stock.